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JV Coach Doug Willis

From Coach Wohlfeil:

     Coach Willis joined the coaching staff in Coach Wohlfeil's second year. Since then, Coach WIllis has not only played a very important role in working with the JV team, but has also given more of his time to stay and contribute to the Varsity team as well. During Varsity games Coach WIllis is the players biggest fan showing his excitement throughout the game!

Coaching Experience:

     Coach Willis has been a member of the coaching staff since the 2012-2013 season.

Playing Experience:


     Coach WIllis is married to Sarah WIllis, the book keeper at South Granville and has 2 children Christian and Cameron (a former member of the Vikings basketball program).

3rd (2020-2021) Season as JV Coach (8th overall)


     Coach Willis is a UNC fan.